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Scamto discusses and debates Constructive*Topical*Provocative issues affecting the world today with key players- focusing on developing the communities we live in
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Thursday, 04 June 2009

For a South African traditional man to marry, an age old custom, known as Lobolo is followed to unite the families of both the man and umakoti. Traditionally, cattle is offered as dowry by the man to the bride-to-be’s, family asking for her hand in marriage. On this episode, 34year old trained banker, Mpho Lebogo joins us on this episode to chat about his business of offering family advice and lobola contracts that has clinched him the 2004 Proudly South African Homegrown Award for a "Company to Watch"…

Lobola is a traditional South African custom where a man offers cattle to the family of his bride-to-be to cement family ties and build mutual respect between the two families. This process involves negotiations that can be quite complex between the extended family’s of the man and his fiancee’ - especially now that modern urban couples have translated cattle to hard cash.

Mpho Lebogo, Financial Director at Mahala Empowerment Media (dedicated to the empowerment of individuals and businesses through popular media) and founder of the Lobolo-Makgadi Institute, worked extensively in banking before becoming a full-time social entrepreneur. The Institute, specialises in offering pre-marital advice, assistance throughout the negotiation process and drafting lobola contracts- including polygamous marriages.

Don’t miss this episode as Mpho, the 2004 Proudly South African Homegrown Award winner, talks about how women can/cannot fall pregnant and the power given to him by God to convince staunch traditionalists to accept modernizing an age old tradition using technology. As the inscription on the award says, this is truly a "Company to Watch"…

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