After-DinnerIT Episode #2
Monday, 18 May 2009
Colin Erasmus from Microsoft joins us in the second episode of After-DinnerIT to discuss Microsoft’s planned release of Windows 7. In a detailed and sometimes provocative discussion we ask why – after the numerous documented issues with Vista – organizations should again consider taking the plunge and deploy this platform?
Microsoft Windows Vista has had a chequered path. At the time of its release, Windows XP had become the default corporate desktop platform. It’s stable, the functionality is acceptable, users are familiar with the product and responses are acceptable.
When Microsoft released Vista it offered better security, a much improved interface, and improved management; but it also came at the cost of slower responses, possible hardware refreshes, large rollouts and additional user training. Organizations tended to stay away, satisfied to continue using XP for as long as possible.
Now Microsoft is releasing Windows 7, and early indications are that they’ve been listening to their user base and trying to address the problems that Vista presented. We talk to Colin Erasmus from Microsoft regarding the viability of Windows 7, and unbeknown to him we run a Windows 7 installation onto a laptop while the interview progresses to evaluate its capabilities for ourselves.

After-DinnerIT Episode 2 (Full)
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