Pubcast Episode #10
Monday, 18 May 2009
Episode 10 of the IT Security Pubcast.
Deloitte has just released their 6th Annual Global Security Survey. We invited Kris Budnik from their South African office to come into the studio and discuss why this discipline is changing so quickly, and what the implications of this are.

Nearly a third of the CISO functions did not exist, or were the responsibility of other managers just one year ago. This is according to the 6th issue of the Deloitte Annual Global security Survey, released recently.
Itís one of the indicators of the rate of change within this discipline. We interviewed Kris Budnik from the South African office of Deloitte to discuss the report, and consider the current state of security. 
The conversation ranges across different findings, and reaches some provocative conclusions: that some security problems have been with us for 25 years, and we may never resolve them without a radical rethink of existing approaches.

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