Scamto - Wellness Corner Episode 1: Introducing Dr Tshidi
Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Welcome to the first episode of the Wellness Corner, a series of discussions between Nombulelo and Dr Tshidi Gule MD.

Dr Tshidi is passionate about championing the cause for doctors to be more accessible to their patients and increasing focus on preventative medicine to help us all achieve better wellness. Nombulelo wants to understand what wellness means, how it can be attained, and how this Zulu girl from KZN can help us all improve our quality of life.

Scamto Episode 18 (Full)
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At her office, one is immediately struck by Dr. Tshidi's unique stethescope - the contradiction of modern medicine practised by an African woman proud of her traditions. She has a desire to bring empathy to her tradition, and hopes to use these podcasts to provide not only advice - but practical guidance that can be used by all her listeners.

Next episode: Nutrition - demistifying the beast called weight loss


Scamto Episode 18 (Full)
Download the  Full Audio File

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