Pubcast: From the 2010 ITWeb Security Summit - Joe Grand remembers the L0pht
Monday, 31 May 2010

 Ralfe got Joe Grand into the Security Summit studio to discuss a wide range of topics, including the value of security podcasting.

To quote from Grand Idea Studio ( )

"For nearly a decade, Joe Grand of Grand Idea Studio was a member of the infamous hacker collective known as L0pht Heavy Industries in Boston, Massachusetts. Starting in the early 1990s as a clubhouse for local hackers to store computer equipment, tinker with projects, and just hang out, the L0pht (spelled ell-zero-ph-t) ended up as seven close-knit friends changing the face of computer security vulnerability research and disclosure."

In this wide-ranging discussion he reminisces about the L0pht, and moves on to more recent interests, including his fascination with hardware security.

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